Latest News : UPSTREAM RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL welcomes well researched papers, articles and book reviews from research scholars and academicians.


Welcome to our inaugural issue (Year 1 Issue 1) of Upstream Research Journal, a new journal of a multidisciplinary research owing to its multidimensional approach. Upstream is a quality-conscious peer-reviewed journal published biannually in print and online form. This Research journal is set up with very sublime and idealistic aims & objectives to impart Qualitative Research. Its prime objective has been to incorporate creativity, discovery and innovativeness in research to make the researchers independent and self-reliant in their work. Upstream will provide a venue for scholarly works that report on the integration of teaching-learning, community commitments and investigations. Students and community partners will be an integral part of the journal.

As the job competition gets tougher, with every passing day, employers think of innovative ways to shortlist candidates for a particular job. However, it is an established fact that every employee can contribute gainfully to the fortunes of any organization, if he or she has the correct communication and observing skills. This process reveals the importance of research paper, as employers use them as a tool, to assess the researchers and students, for this purpose. This would provide an insight into the writing skills of the Research scholar, while knowing about their organizational ability to compose a research paper in an effective manner. Therefore, students realize the importance of research papers. However, keeping this in view, they should prepare their academic papers, in the best possible professional and logical manner, from the beginning itself, while they are doing research. In the process, they would learn using their analytical and organizational abilities, necessary to tackle difficult challenges, as they move higher in their professional career.

The aim is to encourage authorship and collaborative research. The online publication will run simultaneously to meet the needs of disseminating research information across new frontiers. There has been an overwhelming response from across the country / many parts of the world to our inaugural issue, and this indicates the amount of collaboration the journal will enjoy once it kicks off. The journal maintains a vigorous editorial process of peer review to ensure quality and originality. The journal will enjoy an independent web site to give it a special place in modern trends and practices. This makes it easy for libraries to link users from citation to the full text of the published articles. Thus, we would like to receive contributions from all disciplines addressing common issues. The Upstream Journal provides a resource for researchers and teachers regarding research in India and abroad in the field of Literature. Our each journal contains an Editor's Report about the new techniques and innovations.